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  Maiko Hata is NY based jazz singer and a songwriter. She was born in Osaka, Japan and moved to NY when she was 19. She started classical piano at age 7 and began theater, ballet, and musical performance throughout the early school years. During high school, she developed an interest in classical singing, began performing as a lead singer in the school choir and performed at local music festivals. After graduating high school she attended the Arrow Jazz school in Japan and began studying with Mari Shinonome. 

In 2001, Maiko Moved to New York to study both Jazz and Music Therapy. After long years of raising her son and focused on her domestic responsibility, she began private lessons from Teri Roiger, Jay Clayton, and Kevin Mahogany. Maiko soon started to perform at local venues and clubs in upstate, NY, Japan, and New York City. 

In 2017, Maiko was awarded a scholarship to study holistic singing workshop under the guidance of Bobby McFerrin and his circle singing coaches. That year she also recorded her first album “Peaceful Erosion”, with Nick Hetko, Josh Evans, John Menegon, and Jeff Siegel with engineer Scott Petito in addition to some arrangement by Billy Harper and Nick Hetko. 

Over the years, she has performed as an opening act for legendary musicians, such as The Cookers, Aaron parks, Craig Handy, and David Weiss’s Point of Departure. She has also shared bandstands with Doug Weiss, Eric Person, Pete Levin, Jay Anderson, Peggy Stern, Francesca Tanksley, Lawrence Clark, Miki Hayama, Darrell Green, Tony Jefferson, Alex Smith, Ray Blue, Malcolm Cecil, and many more. 

Maiko was a member of Billy Harper’s voice group in NYC. She has released her first Jazz album “Peaceful Erosion” in 2018 and toured Japan in 2018.

She continues to perform in NYC, Hudson Valley, and Japan. 







セシル・マクビー)クレッグハンディ、アアロンパークスの前座を務める。その他 ダグ・ウェイス(リズ・ライト))、ピーターレビン、ジェイアンダーソン、ペギースターン、フランチェスカタンクスリー、早間美紀、ローレンスクラーク、ダリルグリーン などニューヨークを中心として世界で活躍する音楽家らと共演する。





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